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We are so excited you’ve stopped by. We are passionate about teaching others how to share their Christian Faith. Join us to deepen your faith and to learn how to share your faith the way Jesus did. This will be a life-changing course for any Christian that should not be missed!

What Our Students Say

I recently attended and completed the Way of the Master Basic Training with John Israel Ministries. It teaches and clearly demonstrates a meaningful technique that shows how we can witness to others – whether a family member, friend or stranger. The course gives strong basic guidelines as to what points are the most important to bring across and apply to any circumstance. This course enthuses one in a manner that makes sharing one’s faith in Jesus ablog much greater possibility. I would definitely and highly recommend it to ALL who really love Jesus and want to be obedient to the Word of God, for all who will do anything to avoid hearing Him say, in answer to our cry: “Lord Lord, did we not prophesy in Your Name …” “I never knew you, – away from Me you evildoers ….”

RL : Johannesburg South Africa

Return of the Prodigal Son

The Prodigal Son teaching series, based on the book by Henri JM Nouwen, will be a seven to ten-part teaching series aimed at Prison Ministry. The filming of the Pilot Session was scheduled for April 28th 2022. Before the filming, Denis wanted to share some thoughts on the process and the powerful impact that Henri’s…

Chasing Shadows

Hebrews is not the first book that most people choose to read. It certainly wasn’t the first book I chose. It is a difficult book to understand in light of the world now, how we live our lives now and how different the world is to the world that the writer is writing to and…

Who is Your King?

Psalm 74 is a difficult Psalm, a difficult piece of Scripture that you probably won’t find in your daily devotional of uplifting Scripture verses. But it is a reminder that we have to read the Bible for ourselves and we should read it every day.