The Honest Talk

I met Pastor Honest a few years ago at a coffee shop. He is one of the friendliest, kindest people I know and it became clear very quickly that he was born-again. Over the years we have chatted about our Faith and he has always been very encouraging to me. Hopefully I have encouraged him too.

So I made my way to Pastor Honest with Gospel Tracts in hand, talk in my head, prayer on my tongue and a plea to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

The talk I gave was a shortened version of the Evangelism Catalyst Talk that we do. I was given half an hour to talk so had to ask the Holy Spirit to help me to get across only that which would be necessary to encourage and inspire those present to go out into the streets to share the Good News, the way that Jesus did it.

What a joy the session was! When we did the practical session and I started mock-interviewing people in the audience (Ray Comfort style) the reaction and obvious results were amazing. When I asked the first young-man the question “Have you ever told a lie?”, his reaction was priceless.

He answered,

“No!”, then smiled, looked around nervously and sheepishly answered, “Yes!”

It was the perfect example of how the Moral Law works and the power of the conscience! The audience seemed to really enjoy the flow of the questions, starting, of course, with,

“Do you think that you’re good person?”

I know that I didn’t have enough time to cover everything, but I am faithful, I know that God will continue the work that was started in the session. I also know that there are men and women, boys and girls who now know how share their faith and who have been inspired by the Holy Spirit to Go and be Fishers of Men, rather than waiting for the fish to come to them.

I left them with a few sample tracts, doughnuts and muffins and Holy Spirit inspired enthusiasm for Evangelism.

I am so grateful to Pastor Honest for the invitation and my prayer is that his Church will be as a stone dropped in a pond and that the ripple of the Gospel would spread ever-outwards into the community around him, and beyond. I know that his faithfulness and kindness are the mark of a Church leader destined for greatness.

I pray for them and would encourage you to pray for them.

Evangelism Catalyst Talk – Handing out the Tracts


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