In John verse 9, Jesus meets a man who has been blind since birth. This man has never seen the light, he doesn’t even know what he has missed. He is a blind beggar, unable to do anything useful. This man is dependent on the world around him for charity and scraps. Do you recognize this man?

And then Jesus shows up.

Jesus makes mud and wipes it on the mans eyes. The man then washes it off and he can see. He is healed. He is transformed. He can see the light. Just like that. In an instant his life is changed forever.

After this miracle the people who have known him, don’t recognise him. They question whether this is the same man.

What a strange story, but, as with everything that Jesus says and does, there is deep spiritual meaning and significance.

Jesus didn’t need to use mud. He chose to use mud. Mud is earth and water, us and the Holy Spirit. Jesus is amongst the critics, the unbelievers, the skeptics and those who seek to kill him. And he uses the deep spiritual symbols to make sure that the miracle speaks truth.

Jesus is healing on the Sabbath, questioning and provoking.

This is not just sight restored. This is not just about one blind man. This is Jesus speaking to our deep need for light, for sight, for transformation, for a Savior – for Jesus.

Can you identify with this man? I know that Jesus healed me. I know that Jesus transformed me. I know that many who knew me before Jesus and know me after Jesus will ask

Is this the same man?

Anyone who has accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior and has been filled with the Holy Spirit can identify with this man!

This man is us!

There is no difference between the miracle of sight that Jesus performed thousands of years ago, to the miracle of sight that he performs today. We are a people set apart, we worship a living God, we have Emmanuel, God with us.

Jesus, through the Holy Spirit continues to perform miracles and all He asks is that we repent and believe, that we turn back to Him and that we have faith.

Ask Jesus today, Lord will you heal me, restore my sight, transform me. I am sorry for the things that I have done wrong, help me to be the person that I want to be, that you want me to be. The person you intended, planned and designed me to be.

Ask Jesus. The answer is always, Yes!

Thank you Jesus.

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