Daily JIM : The Jesus Journey

When we are saved, when we meet Jesus Christ, a journey begins. If you are a born-again Christian, you have met Jesus, you have been filled with the Holy Spirit and you are on a Journey but have you given any thought to the destination? In this time of pandemic and lock-down we can forget where we are going because we forget where we come from and we forget what Jesus did on that cross.

As I read Psalm 30 I was reminded of my personal Jesus Journey. The Lord has been so good to me, He picked me up and cleaned me, He saved me and sent me, He transformed me by the power of the Holy Spirit, He transformed my heart and changed my life.

Putting my faith in Jesus Christ did not make life easy. Putting my faith in Jesus Christ did not remove the trials, the tribulations. Putting my faith in Jesus Christ did not stop the storms of life. I have come to understand that the Jesus Journey, our life with Jesus, our public life with Him, our secret life with him, is not an easy Journey. We are in a spiritual war and there are days when the battle seems unrelenting and often, impossible to win.

But we have the Word of God, the promises of God, the assurances of God.

Psalm 30 reminds us that God’s anger endures but for a moment but that His favor is for life. We are reminded that weeping may endure for the night but that joy comes in the morning. We are told that mourning is turned into dancing and that he has clothed us with gladness.

Do you know how God did all of this?

It was on the cross. It was Jesus. It was when you repented and put your faith in Jesus Christ. It was when you were saved. It was when Jesus looked through your tears of Godly sorrow and gently invited you – ‘Follow Me’ and you couldn’t say no. because of His love for you.

Don’t forget that Jesus died for YOU. Don’t forget that when you cried out to Him he healed you, that he brought your soul from the grave and that he kept you alive. God gave you eternal life as He died on that Cross.

In this time of pandemic and lock-down don’t forget the destination. God has given us eternal life. Our destination is Jesus, our destination is beyond the grave!

But we must keep thinking about those who haven’t opened the door, who continue to ignore the knock, who rebel against their creator, who have locked down their hearts. Those in rebellion need to hear about Jesus more than ever.

There must be something more

They are starting to realise that they cannot put their faith in the world, in money, in success, in fame, in self. It becomes clear in these times that there must be something more. You can be the one to remind them that this is the time to seek the Saviour. His name is Jesus and He is calling us home to our Father, the Father who waits and watches. The Father whose anger is momentary, whose love last forever, who turns mourning to joy.

Read Psalm 30 today and listen for the whisper of the Holy Spirit. as you journey with Jesus.

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