Daily JIM : Who is the enemy?

Plead my cause, O Lord, with them that strive with me: fight against them that fight against me.

Psalm 35: 1

Put your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, for all things. Not for some things.

As you live your life, it’s inevitable that there will be fighting. Whether in your family, your workplace or your Church, there will be fighting, there will be disagreement and there will be division.

There will be strife.

David pleads with God to fight on his behalf. Jesus is our intercessor. The Good Shepherd who will fight off the wolf. Jesus is our divine defender. When we encounter them that fight against us we must step back and we must be humble, knowing that the fight is not ours but can indeed be placed in the hands of the Savior.

As we read this Psalm, we are reminded that often, those we regard as enemies are not God’s enemies. We should be careful not to presume that people who disagree with us are enemies of God. There are times when we are oppressed, abused and mistreated. In these situations we should be asking the Lord to fight on our behalf. We must seek God’s counsel through the leading of the Holy Spirit in these situations and relationships. We need to wisely and humbly look to our own actions and our own hearts.

I know that there have been times when what seemed to be an enemy trying to thwart my progress turned out to be a valuable lesson in humility.

Put your faith in Jesus for all things. There will be times that you need to ask the Lord to show you if and when you are in the wrong. Perhaps you are the cause of strife. We are so blessed as born-again believers to have the gentle voice of the Holy Spirit for this and we can, should and must rely on His leading and encouragement in all aspects of our lives. Ask Him. Listen to Him.

We know that Jesus is our Saviour, our intercessor, our defender and our Good Shepherd. We know that we can take all things to the Cross, including the strife. We must remember that Jesus is the Truth and we should expect to hear the Truth when we pray for God to ‘fight against them that fight me’. You may find the Lord gently teaching you about your own pride and humility.

I would encourage you to pray sincerely for any strife that is in your life, that the Lord would reveal the source of the strife so that you can leave it at the foot of the Cross, knowing that your Faith has healed you, that your defender defends and that the Shepherd will look after His sheep.

Bless you in Jesus name today.

John Israel Ministries
Copyright 2020

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