What to do while we wait

Psalm 72 was written for the coming King of Israel, Solomon, son of David. It is also, however a prophetic Psalm revealing the rule and reign of Jesus Christ who will be the righteous King of the Eternal Kingdom.

We are given an insight into the coming King and what His rule and reign will look like. We are told that:-

The King will be just and righteous. There is no buying favors. Jesus is just and righteous. Jesus is the helper of the poor – he told us that the first will be last and that the last will be first in His Kingdom. We are assured that the Kingdom of Heaven, ruled by Jesus will be unlike any Kingdom we see on this earth. There will be true justice and true righteousness.

Jesus will reign eternally. When Jesus returns and He reigns, it will not be a temporary term of office. This is not a secular political appointment as we know leadership to be today. This is a Divine appointment that will last forever. The anxiety over consistency and integrity of leadership, where we are never sure what will happen next, will be gone. Jesus will be a just and righteous King who will rule and reign forever.

Jesus will reign over all nations. What satan has done in the world today is to divide God’s people along lines of race and culture and tradition. We have been tricked into believing that one nation, culture or race can be, should be or is superior to another. With the reign of King Jesus we see that His people are united in Him. There is no division along any of these fault-lines. The fault-lines are healed. IN revelation 5: 9 we are reminded that the blood of Jesus has ransomed people from every tribe, language, people and nation. Jesus will reign over all nations and Jesus will unite us.

The reign of Jesus will bring peace, blessing and prosperity. We can be assured in our faith that the reign of Jesus bring blessing beyond anything that we can imagine or describe.

This is what we must look forward to and this is what we must hang onto as we navigate these difficult, scary and troubled times in the world. Butthese promises will only make sense to born-again believers. To see the Kingdom (and that includes the ability to perceive it and beleive it and have faith in it before it has come) requires that a man is born-again. Jesus said in John 3: 3 that unless a man be born again he cannot see the Kingdom of God.

The promise of the just and righteous reign of Jesus that brings unity and blessing and peace cannot be understood by the unbeliever, by the person who has not been born again, shows heart has not been transformed and who has not been filled with the Holy Spirit. These promises will remain vague and even senseless to the unbeliever.

Today you need to ask yourself a very simple question, “Am I born-again?”

If you do not have an unwavering “Yes”, if you are not sure, if you don’t beleive that it is necessary – could I suggest that you read John 3:3 and see if there is any doubt that you must be born-again if you want to see God’s Kingdom.

What must we do whilst we wait?

As believers we are not called to simply sit around and wait for the King to arrive. Jesus was always on the move. Jesus was always actively healing and preaching and loving people. We must do the same. As we wait on the King we must:-

Hope – we must live with hopeful assurance. We must not look to the mainstream news and media to try and understand this world. Our hope is in the Lord. As teh Psalmist says in Psalm 21, “I look to the Mountains, where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the make or Heaven and Earth.” We look up in hope, we look to our Father in crisis. We look to Jesus and we do so with expectant hope and joy.

Worship – whilst we wait we praise and worship the Lord. Everything we do, we do for the Lord and we do as an act of worship. We love our wives and children as an act of worship. We work as an act of worship. We love our neighbour as an act of worship. We sing psalms as an act of worship. Everything we do, we do for the glory of God. We don’t wait with long faces and anxiety. We wait in joy and in hope, an eternal hope that we have in teh coming reign of a just and righteous King.

Witness – we must urgently share the Good News of Jesus Christ with everyone around us. As born-again believers we must have a passion for sharing our faith, for seeking those that are lost and bring them to the Cross of Christ. This is not a time for quiet reflection and a secret faith (there is a place for this as we pray and worship God and grow our own faith and live out or own Christian walk), this is a time for passionate evangelism. If you are not passionate about sharing your faith then something is wrong and you must go before the Lord to ask for that passion, to be filled with the Holy Spirit so that you can share your faith.

We often think of Evangelism as the job of someone else but it is the job, the calling and the responsibility of every Christian. Jesus said we must “Go”, not some of us, not just those who feel like it, not just those who are good at it – we must all go and tell the world.

Start where you are!

Yes, start where you are. Share the Good News with your family, with your friends and with your colleagues. Let them see Jesus in you and through you. Be the salt and the light in this dark world. actively speak about your faith. If you don’t know where to start could I suggest that you start here.

So we wait on the eternal reign of King Jesus with expectant hope and we worship and we witness.

Come Lord Jesus Come.

Be blessed in Jesus name.

John Israel Ministries
Copyright 2020

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