Daily JIM : We see Light!

When I read the Psalms I often imagine myself to be the writer. I see myself as the ‘good guy’ calling out to God for help as I valiantly fight against the wicked. But as I read Psalm 36 I slowly realised that I may be the wicked person. If look honestly at the description of the wicked man in this Psalm I have to admit that I am not the good person and I need help.

Daily JIM : The fear of the Lord

As a new believer I didn’t know what it meant to fear the Lord. When I was born again and transformed I knew that everything had changed. The Holy Spirit filled me with a love for Jesus and a deep desire to follow Him. I knew exactly what those men must have felt like when Jesus looked at them and said, “Follow me,” because I had experienced the same loving invitation. And then the real battle against sin started.

Daily JIM : Shout for Joy

Today as we pray we look to the promises of a Father who knows everything and sees everything. My encouragement today is that you would read Psalm 32, over and over, let the words soak into your heart, let the Holy Spirit speak to you as the Lord instructs and teaches you. The Lord reminds us today that as we humbly ask for forgiveness we are forgiven, that by the blood of Jesus, the finished work of the Cross, we are forgiven and blessed.