Gospel Tracts

Going out to share the Good News is an amazing experience but often, because we are speaking to strangers we don’t have the time to go into too much detail. Gospel Tracts can be used to ensure that the person has something to go back to after you have walked off. The Gospel may have been offensive to a proud person and they may leave feeling irritated, or even offended by what you have said. The Gospel Tract goes with them and by the grace of God will be valuable to them when they pick it up later.

Sometimes Gospel Tracts can lay around for years, unseen and unnoticed, but when the Holy Spirit brings conviction and encouragement, the person gets to read the Good News.

For many years I simply spoke to people about Jesus, I came to realise that when we give people something to take with them, they get to process the information in their own time, at their own speed and according to Gods timing. I have learnt that the simple act of giving something to a stranger, regardless of size or monetary value, is also a powerful witness of love. People don’t expect to get anything for free.

Seven Reasons Why All Christians Should Use Gospel Tracts