Every born-again Christian is called to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. The Gospel of Hope and the Gospel of Peace. This hope we have was not given to us to hide, it was given to share. But it isn’t always as easy as just telling people that Jesus loves them. People who are lost in the world don’t know that they need Jesus, that they need His saving Grace, that they are lost.

Often, Jesus is offensive to the lost.

But there is a Journey from being Born-Again to sharing your new-found Hope with those around you; your family, friends, colleagues and even strangers.

We would like to show you the way to effectively share Jesus and invite you to take the Journey with us.

  • Born Again

    When we are born again, the Holy Spirit transforms us. There is no Christian who has been born again who is left the same. There is a transformation – a heart of stone is transformed into a heart of flesh. The old has gone and the new has come. With that newness comes new desires and appetites.

  • Desire to Share

    One of the desires you will have when you are born again, is the desire to share your faith, to let others know what you know. This isn’t a taught or learnt desire. This is a deep spiritual desire that the Holy Spirit implants.

  • Mistakes

    Our desire to share the Good News invariably comes with zeal and vigor. Often this can, and generally will, lead us to make many mistakes and often, instead of attracting people, the Good News of Jesus will offend the people around us. This is to be expected, it is normal and it is a common experience for newly born-again Christians. But take heart, this is only the beginning and there is a way to share your faith that will encourage and attract those you desperately want to lead to Christ.

  • Start Here

Get the Talk

Let us present the Catalyst Talk. This talk is designed to get the JOURNEY started. Let us come and talk to your Church or Community about starting this important JOURNEY. The Catalyst Talk will cover the main issues facing the modern-day Christian as they begin to share their Faith.

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Register for Evangelism Training. We provide an 8-week training course (one night per week) where we cover detailed Evangelism Training. This training can be brought to your Church or Community or we are able to provide a hosted training facility.

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