The Catalyst Talk

The Catalyst-Talk has been designed to introduce you, your group, your congregation, your family, your Church to the way to evangelise using Jesus Christ as our Teacher.

Here are some things that I noticed as I tried to tell people about Jesus:-

  • Not many people were interested in my enthusiasm for Jesus Christ
  • My friends and family assumed that I was going through a phase that would pass
  • Many people thought that I was being judgmental of their life-styles and choices
  • I started to tip-toe around, trying not to offend and slowly becoming quiet about my faith
  • I quietly begged God to send people my way hoping that I could quietly sit around looking holy and people would be naturally drawn to me
  • If I found the opportunity to share my faith I would often hear ‘I am happy, I have a good life, I live a good life, I am not hurting anyone, I am a good person’

The Back-Story

I was born-again by the power of the Holy-Spirit and the love of Jesus was poured into my heart by my Father who loves me so much that He sent His Son to die for me. When I realised what Jesus did for me on that Cross, when I saw my sin and realised that I had rebelled against God but that He had chosen me and knew me before I was formed in my mothers womb – when I got that – I needed to share my faith with as many people as possible.

Then reality set in.

I realised that most of my friends and family thought that I was going through another ‘phase’ and that it would pass. I realised that not many people were interested in my story or the offer of salvation. The world has a way of lulling us into a false sense of security and most people (well most pf the people that I tried to speak to) were really not interested in Jesus Christ. My enthusiasm for Jesus was met with little or no reciprocal enthusiasm. And it broke my heart.

Why don’t people care about Jesus?

The Bible tells us that the preaching of the Cross is foolishness to them that perish (1 Corinthians 1:18) and that’s exactly what I experienced. Some of the many people I spoke to would ‘Give Jesus a try’ but would then slowly (sometimes very quickly) slide back into the worldliness that led them to Christ in the first place. I couldn’t understand it when a person who had prayed a sinners prayer and professed faith in Jesus would then continue to watch the same TV shows, swear and curse and live the same life that they had been rescued from.

It wasn’t working!

I know that each of us have a personal journey to the Cross. I don’t beleive that my experience or journey is a simple, cookie-cutter template for others but I do know this – Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. I just couldn’t understand why others weren’t excited (or even interested) about freedom, eternal life, holiness, salvation or sanctification.

So I prayed.

I asked the Lord, with humility, to show me the best way to evangelize. I knew that something was wrong, I knew that I had been chosen to share the Good News, I knew that God would not tease me or confuse me. So I prayed. And everything changed.

Sin, sin, sin!

Sin became very real, I started to see how much I loved sin and I started to see how those around me were hanging on to their sins. People do not want to simply let go. We love our sins, we are comfortable with our sins. When I told people about Jesus they would often tell me that they were already happy! They would tell me that they didn’t need ‘Jesus’, that life was ‘good’and that they were ‘good people’, serving their communities, giving to the poor, helping people – the list of reasons for not needing a Saviour was endless. And through it all I could see the white-knuckled grip they had on their sin, unwilling to acknowledge it and certainly unwilling to let it go.

But there is a KEY!

One day, as I had prayed for the way to share my Faith, I listened to a teaching, “Hell’s Best Kept Secret” and the fact of the existence, power and work of the conscience became very clear. I was trying to provide a cure to people who didn’t know that they were sick. Anything that I said would offend them and certainly, my profession of Faith, my enthusiastic proclamation. “JESUS SAVES” was offensive to those who didn’t know Jesus yet.

The Law of the Lord

Psalm 19:7 tells us that “The law of the Lord is perfect, converting the soul”

It became clear that without the mirror of the Law, sinners would never see their desperate need and would cling to the fallacy that being good and doing good would save them from the wrath of a just and holy God. As I started to share the Good News using the Law and the conscience, everything started to change and the Good News started to make sense.

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